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Suitable policies for chartered sailors

Personal liability does not apply to persons or property that are damaged by the skipper. For this, there is skipper liability insurance.

This insures the claims made by crew members or third parties against the skipper, even if the damage caused was not their fault.

As it is not always possible to determine whether or not the has a boat liability policy, how much the coverage is for and whether the premiums were also paid, the skipper often does not know whether or how much insurance cover is provided.
In the case that there is no insurance coverage, the skipper shall be liable with their private assets.
Claims or charter breakdown cover also should be acquired if these are not included in the skipper's liability insurance. Such insurance protects against claims for damages if the yacht cannot be used due to damages caused by the crew. It is also advisable to take out confiscation insurance, especially if chartered in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus or Croatia.

In the event that a co-sailor damages the equipment or the vessel, deposit insurance ensures that the deposit is reimbursed in the event of damage caused. Deposit insurance usually only can be acquired for the trip in question.
In order to be protected against the risks of charter failure, such as when the skipper is missing without a substitution and the trip has to be cancelled, travel cancelation insurance is recommended.
Foreign health insurance also should be considered.