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It is well known that there is yacht insurance for sailboats, motorboats and super yachts. It is far less known that there is also a variety of insurance options for the skipper and the crew for damage and/or injury cases.

This portal helps skippers, boat owners, charterers and co-sailors to find the right insurance.

To make your selection as easy as possible, we have typed the different types of insurance for boat users and what type of insurance they may need under 'Guides'. Under ‘Contract types’, you will find detailed descriptions of the actual insurance policies.

This portal also enables you to receive a Free Quote from leading yacht insurers. This offer is free for you.

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Contract types

Which insurance is right for me? And what exactly does this insurance cover? Here you will find an overview of the popular types of insurance.



What insurance is available for co-sailors, dinghy sailors, yacht owners, regatta sailors, club sailors, charter sailors and long-distance travellers? Here you will find an overview of the different suitable types of insurance.



What should you do in the event of damage? Yachtsecure lists all the important actions that you must consider in an emergency.